Stiller and McPheters Single Family Office Invest in Till Financial

Stiller and McPheters Single Family Office Invest in Till Financial

The New York-based fintech Till Financial just raised $5M. Amongst the investors is the important American single family office of the Stiller and McPheters families.

Till Financial: spend management for children and teens

Till Financial aims to make kids “smarter spenders”. Through the company, families can create debit cards for their childre. Powered by an intuitive app, teens and parents can get an overview of payments and work towards saving goals. By gamification elements, the users are encouraged to achieve their targets.

Investment from SM Ventures, the Stiller and McPheters family office

Now, Till Financial received a $5M funding round to fuel its growth. Investors include Elysian Park Ventures, Magnify Ventures, Afore Capital or Alpine Meridian Ventures. Also, Melinda Gates venture capital fund Pivotal Ventures invested in the NY startup. Another investor is SM Ventures, the family office of John McPheters and Jed Stiller. McPheters and Stiller launched Stadium Goods in 2015, a retailer that was reselling aftermarket sneakers. The company was sold to UK retail company Farfetch for $250M. SM Ventures is an active startup investor.

Source: Techcrunch, 27.04.2021

Picture Source: Fabian Blank

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