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Multi Family Office Agami Brussels

Agami is a Brussels based leading Multi Family Office for French-speaking Europe, which was founded in 2006 by Francois Simon and Laurent de Swarte. Both equipped with experience in banking and other family offices they understood how to manage the heritage of entrepreneur families or wealthy families most appropriate.  Apart from their main office in Brussels, Agami also serves clients in Paris, Lyon and even in Lisbon, Portugal. A team of over 30 experts takes care of all aspects surrounding wealth management, catering the individual needs. As a Multi Family Office they offer a broad range of services for their wealthy and distinguished clientele. They offer their services in structuring the wealth, giving advice on financial investments, help with the topic of succession planning, real estate, but offer even further services such as a private secretary if needed. At the request of clients, they also advise on charitable investments and philanthropy. Last but not least they are also active and do advise if their clients wish to make a private equity deal and buy a share of an unlisted company. Apart from their Multi Family Office, they also offer advisory specialized in real estate, demonstrating their strong dedication and expertise in that field of investments. Agami furthermore consults Small or Medium Enterprises to improve the management of their companies. They are sought after expert in the field of heritage management and had numerous appearances in the press and even television. One of their trademarks is the complete independence from any kind of bank, which gives them the best position to advise on the right investment decision.

Key facts about the Brussels based Multi Family Office Agami

  • Focus: Wealth Management, Real Estate, Investment
  • Offered Services: Wealth Planning, Financial Advisory, Succession Planning, Real Estate, Private Secretary, Philantrophy, Private Equity Advisory
  • Location: Brussels
  • Executives: Francois Simon, Lauren de Swarte
  • Branches: Lyon, Paris, Lisbon
  • Website:

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