ATAG Family Office AG | Multi Family Office in Basel

ATAG Family Office AG | Multi Family Office in Basel

The Swiss, Basel-based ATAG Family Office AG is one of the leading European multi family offices. In 2016, it was established as separate entity. Overall, the family office’s history goe back to 1917. Major services of ATAG can be separated in four different fields: corporate & family governance, international law & taxes, wealth management and lifestyle management. Thereby, the family office covers all the main areas for Europe’s wealthy families. The “Lifestyle” department deals with topics in real estate, ship and airplane management as well as philantropy topics.

Key facts about the Swiss Multi-Family Office ATAG

  • Focus: Wealth Management, Law, Lifestyle
  • Offered Services: Wealth Management, Risk Management, Succession Planning, Family Governance, Real Estate, Phiantropy
  • Location: Basel
  • Executives: Dr. Igor Rusek
  • Website:

Picture source: Vincent Ghilione 

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