Family Office Investments During Corona | Detailed Report, Including Investment Table


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  • Downloadable report (3 pages, including investment table) about family office investments during Corona
  • Optimally suited to understand the behavior and investment style of high net worth family investment vehicles during Corona – and to identify who is still investing 
  • Including: Helpful table of family offices investments since the beginning of the Corona crisis (March 2020)
  • Available in .pdf format 

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Report family office investments during corona

The Corona crisis has shaken up the world. We investigated in our first “How Family Offices React to the Corona Crisis” report that many family investment vehicles considered to change their investment style. Now, since the world is slowly accommodating to the “new normal” our research team took a look at the investments of global family offices, asking ourselves:

  • In which asset classes do family offices invest?
  • What interesting investments took place?
  • Which companies and startups do still receive investments by family offices?

So, our research team analyzed 30 different family office deals from all over the world and collected as much information as possible about every transaction.

Table of Family Office Investments since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

At the heart of our downloadable report is the table of family office investments since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis on financial markets (which we define by the beginning of March). We especially investigate deals in the venture capital, private equity and real estate asset class. The table includes various information points about the specific family office investments. On which date did the deal took place? What’s the respective industry or object type? What was the target? What were co-investors? What was – if known – the volume of the deal? The investment table gives answers to those questions and helps you to identify interesting family offices that are still active during Corona.

Family Office Investors During Corona List
Family Office Deals during corona

The investment table within the report analyzes 30 family office transactions since the beginning of March. We introduce you to two of them in order to get an impression current family office investments.

Sawiris Family Office Sostnet saves FTI Group and gets majority shareholder

German travel company FTI is struggling due to Corona: most booked trips were canceled and the industry outlooks are dire. To receive state aid, FTI Group had to increase its equity. The family office of Samih Sawiris (who already held 33.66% of the company before) stepped in and got the majority shareholder. That shows: many family offices are securing their portfolio companies through equity increases.

Angermayer family office leads recapitalization of Bionomics Limited (ASX: BNO)

Bionomics Limited is an Australian biopharmaceutical company working on drugs for the treatment of PTSD and other stress disorders. In May, Bionomics extended their cash runway through the deferral of loan repayments. However, the company required additional cash for the further development of its drugs. The Malta-based family office of Christian Angermayer, Apeiron Investment Group, stepped in and led the recapitalization: under a subscription agreement, Apeiron agreed to subscribe 135,833,000 shares at an A$0.04 issue price. Also further capital raisings within a fifteen-month-period will be supported by Apeiron. The investment shows: family offices are supporting recapitalizations of listed-companies that are running out of cash, thereby acquiring huge amounts of shares for relatively low prices. For comparison, Bionomics stocks were trading above A$0.3 in April 2018.


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