Analysis: 61% of single family offices in Sweden invest in Private Equity [2024]

Analysis: 61% of single family offices in Sweden invest in Private Equity

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Swedish single-family offices investing in private equity opportunities.

Private equity is traditionally one of the most important asset classes for family offices. The targeted investment in private companies often goes hand in hand with a long-term investment horizon and family offices can contribute their many years of industry expertise. Based on our database of the largest single family offices in the Nordics, we are able to draw interesting conclusions on the investment strategy of the family offices. In total, 19 single family offices in Sweden have a Private Equity Focus. This represents a share of 61%.

In Sweden, there has been significant growth in private equity investments, with increasing interest from both domestic and international investors. This can be attributed to various factors such as stable political climate, strong macroeconomic fundamentals, high level of transparency, robust legal framework, and a vibrant start-up ecosystem. The industries that attract the most PE investments in Sweden include technology, healthcare, industrials, consumer goods and services. Notably, the Swedish tech scene has experienced an influx of PE investment due to its innovative environment and successful track record. In the following we are presenting a Swedish family office that actively invests in private equity.

Fidelio Capital: Swedish single family office investing in private equity

Fidelio Capital is a Swedish investor that was founded in 2010 by Gabriel Fitzgerald. In addition to an office in Stockholm, the company also has a branch in London and focuses its investments globally. The Swedish family office specializes in investments in small and medium-sized companies and aims to bring the entrepreneurial spirit into private equity. One of the most recent investments in the Swedish company Hemfrid, which has been supported on its further growth path since 2021.

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Picture source: Edvin Johansson via Unsplash (07.01.2024)

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