Daniel Ek single family office invests in CHAPTER Group

Daniel Ek single family office invests in CHAPTER Group

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single family office database. Here, we are highlighting the lead investment of the Daniel Ek family office in the German holding CHAPTERS Group.

On April 25, the German CHAPTER Group AG announced that it has raised €52M new equity capital at 24.7€ per share from several leading family offices. Antheia Investment AB, the single-family office of Spotify founder Daniel Ek, led the investment round. The family office had already participated in earlier rounds. The CHAPTERS Group is a holding company that invests in SME companies. The firm has invested more than €180M in 44 operating companies so far. More than 600 people are employed in the firms, realizing annual revenues in excess of €100M and reaching €27M EBITDA. Investments are made through NGC Nachfolgekapital, OOKAM Software and mlog capital (French private equity firm focused on the French software market). The firm also operates the CarMa holding (telecommunications) and Finitba (solutions for international students in Germany).

Article Source: Chapters Group
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