Kevin Ryan single family offices launches $250M VC fund

Kevin Ryan single family offices launches $250M VC fund

We created this article as part of our research process for our US single family office database. Here, we are highlighting the new VC fund launched by AlleyCorp, the single family office of MongoDB founder Kevin Ryan.

AlleyCorp is the single family office of US entrepreneur Kevin Ryan. Now, the family office has launched its first $250M venture capital fund. Thereby, the family office moves from a single-family structure to a third-party fund design. AlleyCorp is investing in the verticals of diversified technology, healthcare, impact, and robotics. Past portfolio companies have raised over $3bn. Portfolio companies include Blueground (apartment rentals), Everphone (fleet management for smartphones), Viam (Robotics) or TileDB (database provider). AlleyCorp also actively incubates companies, such as Zola (wedding services) or Nomad Health (digital marketplace for healthcare jobs). The investment firm also operates its own engineering company with “fractional CTOs”, that help its investment in building their products. Through AlleySearch, the firm supports early-stage startups in their hiring process.

The family office of Kevin Ryan

AlleyCorp is based on the successful entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, who co-founded firms like the now-listed database firm MongoDB and the news portal Business Insider. The family office calls itself one of the “most active early-stage investors in New York”. Primarily, AlleyCorp invests in pre-seed and seed rounds, as well as occasional Series A investments.

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