Analysis: 38% of single family offices in Netherlands invest in Venture Capital [2024]

Analysis: 38% of single family offices in Netherlands invest in Venture Capital

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Dutch single-family offices investing in startups as venture capital investor.

In total, 15 single family offices in Netherlands have a Venture Capital Focus. This represents a share of 38% of all Dutch single family offices in our database. 7 out of the 15 startup-funding family offices are based in Amsterdam, which underlines the importance of the Dutch capital for the startup and VC ecosystem. In recent years, the Dutch venture capital scene has seen significant growth. According to data from, Dutch startups raised €1.7 billion in venture capital funding in 2020 alone, marking a record year despite the global pandemic. This is indicative of an increasingly vibrant startup ecosystem in the Netherlands, which is home to many promising tech companies. The sectors attracting most VC investments in the Netherlands include technology (particularly software), health and biotechnology, and clean energy. Among these sectors, fintech and medtech have been particularly successful at attracting investment.

Dutch single family office as major startup investor: Endeit Capital

Endeit Capital is the family office of Joop van den Ende and one of the major startup investors in Benelux and Europe. Endeit was founded in 2006 by the producer and entrepreneur Joop van den Ende after he sold a large part of Stage Entertainment to the Luxembourg-based financial investor CVC Capital Partners. Endeit is now one of the most relevant venture capital investors in Europe and has become increasingly diversified over time. The company now not only has an office in the Netherlands, but also one in Germany and one in Sweden. The most recent fund, with a volume of more than EUR 300 million, focuses on topics such as artificial intelligence, climate tech, sales tech, future of work and supply chain. The best-known exits include Blis, Leadfeeder, 3D Hubs and Contorion.

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Picture source: Unsplash+ (10.01.2024)

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