Analysis: 40% of single family offices in UK invest in Venture Capital [2024]

Analysis: 40% of single family offices in UK invest in Venture Capital

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of UK single-family offices investing in startups as venture capital investors.

Venture Capital (VC) investments play a significant role in the UK’s economy, fostering innovation, and providing necessary funding for start-ups and early-stage companies. The UK is one of the leading destinations for venture capital investments in Europe, demonstrating a robust ecosystem for businesses across various sectors. In 2020 alone, despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, UK-based companies raised £11.8 billion from VC investors. This signified an increase compared to previous years and showed resilience and attractiveness of UK’s start-up scene. The technology sector has been a key recipient of VC investment in the UK with fintech, healthtech and greentech attracting significant funds. London has emerged as a global hub for fintech due to its supportive regulatory environment and access to high-skilled tech talent.

For family offices, venture capital investments has become an attractive asset class as well. In total, 49 single family offices in UK have a Venture Capital Focus. This represents a share of 40%. Most of those family offices are located in London. As the capital city and financial hub of the UK, London naturally attracts a significant amount of VC investment. It’s home to a diverse range of businesses across sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, and more. Its robust startup ecosystem, world-class talent pool, and favorable business environment make it an attractive destination for venture capitalists.

UK single family office as major startup investor: Kohli Ventures

Kohli Ventures is the family offce of Tej Kohli. It is focussing on promising growth companies in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and esports. While Kohli Ventures is not solely focusing on VC-investments, startup-funding is making up a large amount of the investments. The family office is doing direct as well as indirect investments (through third party VC funds).

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Picture source: Unsplash+ (11.01.2024)

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