Study: 84% of Belgian single family offices invest in private equity [2024]

Study: 84% of Belgian single family offices invest in private equity [2024]

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Belgian single-family office investing in private equity.

In total, 27 single-family offices in Belgium have a Private Equity Focus. This represents a share of 84%. In Belgium, private equity (PE) investments have been a significant part of the country’s financial ecosystem, contributing to its economic growth and development. These investments involve the direct injection of capital into private companies by private equity firms or funds, often intending to gain significant influence over company decisions.

The Belgian private equity market is characterized by a high degree of professionalism and dynamism. It is home to several notable PE firms such as GIMV, Sofina, and Cobepa. These firms invest in diverse sectors, from technology and healthcare to consumer goods and services.

In total 6 private equity-focused single family offices from Belgium have their headquarters in Brussels. As the capital city of Belgium and also the administrative center of the European Union, Brussels has a vibrant ecosystem that makes it attractive for PE investors. The city offers a strategic location, robust infrastructure, access to policymakers and regulators, and a diverse talent pool.

Family offices are an active part of the private equity sector of the country, either by investing directly in firms, co-investing alongside funds or investing through PE funds. The high share of family offices investing in PE underlines the importance of the asset class in Belgium.

Single-family office from Belgium with private equity focus: Atlas Invest

One exemplary Belgian single-family office that invests in private equity is Marcel van Poecke’s family office AtlasInvest. The family office is focused on investments in energy assets and firms, for both conventional and renewable energy. The PE portfolio of the company includes E&P, midstream as well as downstream companies. Furthermore, the family office manages the Carlyle International Energy Partners fund of renowned private equity firm Carlyle Group with over $7bn of assets. Exemplary portfolio companies include ForMotion, Natcap Research or Lexo Energy.

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Picture source: Thomas Somme

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