Study: 40% of US single family offices in invest in Real Estate [2024]

Study: 40% of US single family offices in invest in Real Estate [2024]

We created this article as part of our research process for our United States single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of US single-family office investing in the property market, either through funds, direct investments or project developments.

In total, 182 single family offices in the United States have a real estate focus. This represents a share of 40%. Most US single family offices investing in real estate can be found in California (44), New York (26), Texas (19), Florida (16) and Illinois (10). There are various ways how the family investment vehicle invest in real estate: buying and managing existing properties, developing new ones or financing projects. Also, investing in real estate funds or joint ventures can be observed often.

In the following, we are introducing on US real estate focused single family office.

Fremont Group: Californian single family office with real estate vertical

The Fremont Group from San Francisco is the single family office of the Bechtel family. The family has its roots in the engineering and construction business, and now counts to the most active US family offices. One investment vertical of the Bechtel family office is “Fremont Realty Capital”, which serves as real estate private equity business unit. The investment vertical has made more than 365 property invetments since 1997 with a capitalization of more than $5bn. The family office invests in traditional real estate subsectors (core investments in office, industrial, multifamily and retail) as well as “non-traditional” subsectors (self-storage, cold storage, senior housing, emerging healthare).

Picture source: Colton Duke via Unsplash (16.01.2024)

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