These three Swiss Single Family Offices invest in Venture Capital

Venture Capital Single Family Offices Switzerland

The European venture capital industry is increasingly dominated by single family offices. In recent years, numerous family-led venture capitalists have emerged, particularly in Switzerland, to promote the Swiss start-up scene. However, the asset managers of the super-rich often operate in secret and are difficult to approach. For this reason, start-ups often find it hard to identify suitable family offices. This is where the research knowledge of Familyofficehub comes into play. We are constantly building and enlarging our database of the largest family offices in Europe in order to help our customers approaching the right investment firms. In this article we want to give you some insights of our database by presenting three Swiss single family offices that are investing in venture capital.

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#1: Caliza Holding, Netstal – long-term investor in the areas of manufacturing, energy, real estate, mining and raw materials

Some time ago we reported on the participation of Caliza Holding in the energy startup Electrochaea (read here). This investment is a good example of the focus of the Single Family Office from Switzerland. Caliza is looking for innovative young companies that are active in classic industries such as manufacturing, energy, real estate, mining and raw materials. Disruptive approaches are sustainably supported so that the start-ups gain a partner who not only provides capital. The Family Office is globally active and a really promising partner for many start-ups.

#2: Occident Group AG, Zug – valuable partner for life sciences, high-tech and ICT startups in Switzerland and Germany

We already presented Occident Group as a Swiss single family office that invests in real estate (read here). However, this is not the only asset class, the Schützenhöfer family office focuses on. As venture capitalist, the Occident Group is looking for innovative startups from Germany and Switzerland. Usually, the single family office joins the seed round and, if positive, participates in the subsequent rounds. The industry focus is on life sciences, high-tech and ICT. The company’s motto “tomorrow happens today” already expresses the forward-looking way of thinking. Renowned startups from the portfolio are for example Numbrs, Versantis, Lunaphore and advanceCOR. In addition to the office in Zug, the Occident Group also has a branch in Munich.

#3: Santo Holding AG, Zug – single family office of Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann (Hexal), investing in pharmaceutical and biotech startups

Santo Holding is the Swiss-based single family office of the Strüngmann brothers from Germany. After building and selling the pharmaceutical company Hexal, Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann are active private equity and venture capital investors in Europe. They therey focus on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies. Through the Single Family Office, they primarily invest in promising young companies from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Their patience and long-term investment approach pays off, particularly in drug research and development, making Santo Holding a much sought-after financier among start-ups in this field. An investment from the recent past is the participation in the German company Boxine (read here). You can find other valuable venture capital providers in our comprehensive Family office database – without spending hours doing research.

Picture source: Haut Risque

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