These three UK Single Family Offices invest in Venture Capital

UK Single Family Offices Venture Capital

In recent years, the European venture capital scene has caught up in an international comparison. This is partly due to successful start-ups and investors from the UK. In addition to traditional VC funds, domestic single family offices play an important role. They manage the assets of very wealthy families and business people and increasingly also invest in start-ups. In this article, we present three British single family offices that are active in venture capital and are among the most important players in this field. They are part of our comprehensive database of the most relevant family offices in Europe, which has helped many clients find new partners.

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#1: Tavistock Group – Powerful Single Family Office of Joe Lewis with a broad investment focus

British entrepreneur Joe Lewis is one of the richest people in the UK. Not only does he own one of the largest motor yachts in the world, he also owns some of the most valuable paintings in auction history. His assets are mainly managed by the Tavistock Group, which has gained fame as a major shareholder in the Tottenham Hotspur football club. The Single Family Office has a very broad investment focus and invests in both listed and private companies. Through Boxer Capital, for example, investments are made in promising biotech companies. In addition, the Tavistock Group invests in start-ups from various sectors. Examples include Surge Global, Ultimate Finance and Atlas Labs.

#2: LSG Holdings, London – Renowned Single Family Office with focus on B2C-startups

LSG Holdings invests in real estate as well as private equity and venture capital. The Single Family Office from London is particularly interested in startups from the B2C sector. Successful exits include zynga, Beamly and Mashable. The startup portfolio includes companies such as Cru Kafe, Petme, yeay and Equinox Kambucha. LSG Holding attaches great importance to a genuine partnership and actively supports the sponsored start-ups in their growth.

#3: Waymade Capital, Basildon – Single Family Office of Vijay and Bhikhu Patel, founded in 2013

The Single Family Office of Vijay and Bhikhu Patel is based on the three pillars Pharma, Property, Private Equity and Philantropy. As a private equity investor, Waymade Capital pursues a very broad investment approach and supports companies from various sectors. The long-term investment horizon is what makes the Family Office interesting for young companies. In this way, a sustainable growth strategy can be chosen that would not be possible with many other investment companies. Due to the business background of the family, there is special interest and know-how in medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Picture source: David Dibert

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