Truell Single Family Office Invests In Regulatory Tech Startup REG UK

truell single family office invests in reg uk funding round

REG UK is a London-based regulatory tech startup which provides “intelligence, data analytics and risk management software solutions”. Customers are insurance and financial services companies. Through REG’s software suite customers can manage counterparty risks. Recently the startup announced a £2.4M funding round. One of the backers is the single family office of the Truell family.

Software for efficient counterparty risk and relationship management

The London-based software startup offers two different solutions: DUA and a partnership with Lloyd. DUA is a cloud platform where clients can manage delegated arrangements, binder risk and get an overview of the current situation through handy dashboards. Thereby, REG’s DUA helps to mitigate regulatory and financial risk and to make better informed decisions while optimizing the portfolio management process. DUA is well-suited to match the governance expectations of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In December 2017, REG announced that is has been selected by the specialist insurance and reinsurer Lloyds to assist in reducing administrative burden for coverholders. Other customers of REG include well-known financial companies like GRP, Ageas or PIB Group.

£2.4M funding round by Truell Family Office and Shawbrook

The recent £2.4m funding round was backed by Shawbrook (provided a debt facility) and Disruptive Capital Finance. Disruptive capital is a UK-based single family office of Edi Truell, a former private equity professional. Truell has started his career in leveraged buyouts in the 1980’s at Bankers Trust. In 1988, he was the co-founder of Hambro European Ventures, which was a predecessor of Duke Street. His family office is owned by the Truell Charitable Foundation and wants to “unlock value from complex situations”. Other portfolio companies of the Truell family office include Tantalum, Atlantic SuperConnection or IRX Therapeutics. Tantalum is active in the connected vehicle market, Atlantic SuperConnection builds a 1GW high voltage connection between UK and Iceland and IRX works on immunotherapy cancer drugs. So, REG UK is in prominent company at Disruptive Capital Finance.

Picture source: Fred Mouniguet

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