Jacobs Single Family Office Heavily Invests In Dental Clinics

jacobs single family office invests in dental clinics

The Jacobs family is one of the wealthiest German families with an estimated net worth over 4 billion euros. The family’s investment company, the Jacobs Holding, is an active private equity investor. Economic beneficiary of the Jacobs investment is the affiliated Jacobs Foundation. Since a few years, the Jacob Holding is heavily acquiring European dental clinics to build up an international dental clinic chain through the Colosseum Dental Group. In May 2019, Colosseum announced that Promedent – a regional dental clinic in Germany – joins the group. Thereby, Colosseum’s growth path in the dental industry continues.

23 dentists and 150 employees of German Promedent dental chain will join the group

Promedent was founded in 2000 by Dr. Artur Weiß and colleagues. The Neckarsulm-based group is a speciality in the German dentistry industry. While dentists are usually organized in small clinics with few employees, Promedent grew as GmbH (limited liability company in Germany) to 150 employees and 23 dentists. Through joining the Colosseum dental group, Promedent wants to benefit from lower costs for new medical devices and help in administration, marketing and in finding new employees. That highlights the investment rationale behind Jacob’s investment: forming a leading dentistry chain which benefits from economies of scale and network effects.

Already revenues of €300M for Jacobs Colosseum Dental Group

So far, the Zurich-based Collosseum Dental Group owns 220 clinics in six countries. The group’s revenues are estimated around €350M. Colosseum is active in UK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The business is led by CEO Thomas Bäumer. Colosseum is targeting further dental clinic acquisitions. The Jacobs family office thereby joins a trend of leading private equity firms who are investing in dental clinics. For example, Advent International recently acquired a controlling stake in the Spanish dental group Vitaldent.

Jacobs Holding is part of our list of European single family offices and our list of Swiss single family offices.

Picture source: Daniel Frank

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