Jacobs Holding | Single Family Office in Zurich, Switzerland

Since 1994, Jacobs Holding AG is operating as a Swiss-based Single Family Office for the Jacobs Family. It was established as a professional investment firm by entrepreneur Klaus A. Jacobs who lead the family-owned coffee trading company Joh. Jacobs + Co. (today part of Kraft Foods Group) for numerous years. As a socially responsible family, Jacobs Holding’s profit are transfered into the Jacobs Foundation in order to improve future generations’ opportunities. The investment firm focuses on companies in developed economies with minimum equity stakes of CHF 300 million, while avoiding political risk and unethical investments.

Key facts about the Jacobs Single Family Office Jacobs Holding AG

  • Family: Jacobs
  • Estimated wealth: 4500M€
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Investment Focus: Private Equity
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Barry Callebaut AG, Cognita, Colosseum Dental Group

Latest news about the Jacobs Single Family Office

  • 11.06.2019: Jacobs Holding heavily invests in dental clinics through Colosseum Dental Group. Recently, the group focuses the acquisition of German dental clinics. Neckarsulm-based Promedent group joined Colosseum in March 2019.

Picture source: Paul Gilmore

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