These three UK Single Family Offices invest in Real Estate

Real Estate Single Family Offices UK

We use this article to introduce you to three UK single family offices that are actively buying real estate. The investment companies of wealthy companies are becoming increasingly important players in the real estate scene. However, many real estate professionals find it difficult to identify and address the most relevant family offices. This is where the comprehensive database of comes in. Our experienced research team is constantly on the lookout for important family offices in Europe. Our lists contain valuable information about the investment focus and general contact details so that you can start addressing them directly. Particularly in the real estate environment, we successfully help brokers, asset managers, co-investors and other players to gain valuable partners.

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#1: Grosvenor, Chester – Real Estate development, management & investment in more than 60 cities around the world

With £11.8 billion, Grosvenor is probably one of the most important real estate companies in the UK. The real estate arm of the Single Family Office develops real estate projects, invests in world-class buildings around the world and manages assets. The company is active in Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington D.C., for example. The preferred asset classes are retail, residential and office, with buildings with appreciation potential often being acquired. The website of the Family Office provides a good overview of past investments, so that potential partners can get an optimal overview of the way they work.

#2: Souter Investments, Edinburgh – Real Estate development by one of the most important family offices in the UK

Souter Investments is a very important private equity investor in the UK. However, the investments are not only focused on typical company acquisitions. Rather, the investment company is also active in the real estate sector. As a co-investor, Souter Investments has invested in East Lothian Developments Ltd (ELDL). ELDL is one of the largest neighbourhood development projects in Scotland. The real estate project includes numerous new residential buildings and is well connected to Edinburgh. A participation in the project developer AMA from Edinburgh is also worth mentioning. At the end of 2018, the exit of the diversified real estate company took place.

#3: J Leon Group, London – Real Estate investments focused on UK commercial property and central London residential Real Estate

The J Leon Group is a long-established family office that has been managing and increasing assets for many decades. As a relevant fund of funds investor, the Group diversifies its portfolio and ensures stability in family assets. However, the company does not only invest in corporate values. Rather, it actively invests in UK commercial property and is one of the largest investors in this segment in the UK. In this regard, highstreet shops in prime locations play an exceptionally important role. Also, agricultural and woodland assets are part of the J Leon Group.

Picture source: Fred Moon

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