These 3 American Single Family Offices are New Database Adds (2020)

list of largest single family offices in the united states

Even though the recent times of uncertainty caused by the circumstances of the presidential election and Covid-19 make it quite difficult for single family offices to realize satisfying returns on their portfolios, the investment offices of the richest private individuals are keeping their game of investing strong. So are we, the research team of familyofficehub. We just released our update on the database of the largest single family offices in the United States. Round about 35 new investment offices made it to our list, bringing the total number of entries to over 400. With this article we want to present you three of these new adds.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in the United States

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#1: The Straus Group, Fort Lee (New Jersey)

The Straus Group serves as the private investment company of Daniel E. Straus, an American business executive, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, real estate developer and philanthropist. He made most of his money through the successful founding of several health care companies such as CareOne and InnovaCare Health. In addition, he is also the vice chairman of the Memphis Grizzlies. His career in the health care industry started in 1984, when he quit his job at a law company to co-found Multicare Companies Inc. together with his brother. The firm then operated four nursing homes that the two brothers inherited from their father. Under the direction of the brothers the company became very successful and was sold to Genesis Health Ventures in 1997 for $1.06 billion. The single family office of Daniel E. Straus, the Straus Group, is mainly active in three areas: real estate, private equity and capital markets (hedge funds). Their private equity portfolio, for example, contains the company “Pharmapacks”. The firm provides an online distribution platform for wellness products. More than 20,000 articles are currently listed for sale (medicines, nutrition products, home medical equipment, health and beauty products, hair care products, makeup, household supplies, fragrances, lipstick and more).

#2: Meyer Family Enterprises, Oakville (California)

The Meyer Family Enterprises take care of the financial well-being of Bonny Meyer. What’s important to notice about this special single family office is the fact that only 100% impact investments are targeted. Bonny Meyer and her family built the fortune mainly through Silver Oak Cellars, a world-class producer of Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The company was founded in 1972 by Ray Duncan and Justin Meyer (Bonny’s late husband). Silver Oak today has two wineries; one in Oakville in the Napa Valley and one in Healdsburg in the Alexander Valley. As stated before, Bonny Meyer is committed to a 100% impact investment portfolio, which has evolved over the past fifteen years. This journey began with a few direct investments and has grown into a broad portfolio of individual companies, real estate, and managed funds. A strategic philanthropist, Bonny targets programs that empower at risk adolescents and adults. When looking for new investment opportunities, Meyer Family Enterprises focus businesses active in the fields of education and financial opportunity for underserved communities, renewable energy, regenerative food and agriculture, and sustainable real estate development.

#3: McKinney Capital, Birmingham (Alabama)

McKinney Capital acts as the private investment arm of the McKinney Family of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. The single family office makes control investments (mainly private equity) in field services and related companies in the Southern United States and makes non-control investments (venture capital) more broadly in companies where the investment team has “special insight” into the people or industries involved.  In general, non-control investments are between $1 million and $3 million, and they prefer to co-invest with like minded families and companies. One exemplary investment of the private equity portfolio is Landscape Workshop, the largest landscape and grounds management company in Alabama. The company provides services for commercial, municipal and residential projects including retail centers, campuses and sports and office parks. Fledging is part of the venture capital portfolio. The firm produces premium electronic products (e.g. SSD storage drives for Apple devices, extremely fast external storage devices, external all-in-one hubs for iPads)

Picture source: Jan Senderek

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