Single Family Office 101
Guidance, Knowledge, Insights

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.”

Eric Hoffer

On this page, we collect all relevant information for single family offices as the single source of truth – from how to launch a family office to how to invest in various asset classes. All articles in our guidebook are written by experts in their field. Additionally, we introduce our family office readers to trustworthy service providers and asset managers. Our guidebook can be separated in the following chapters:

#1: Legal, Tax and Organization | #2: Digitalization | #3: Financial Markets | #4: Real Estate | #5: Venture Capital | #6: Private Equity | #7: Renewables, Impact Investing & Philanthropy


In this chapter, we deal with family office-related digitalization topics.

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Financial Markets Investments

In this chapter, we deal with family office-related financial market investment topics.

How family offices should look at financial market investments

Asset allocation in a continuing low yield environment for family offices

Real Estate Investments

In this chapter, we deal with family office-related real estate investment topics.

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Venture Capital Investments

In this chapter, we deal with family office-related venture capital investment topics.

What family offices should regard when investing in venture capital deals?

The following articles provide venture capital insights from industry experts:

Direct Startup Investments for Family Offices: An Introduction
Why family offices should keep an eye on Israeli startups?
How family offices can invest in Israeli startups

In which venture capital funds can family offices invest as LPs?

In the following, we introduce successful as well as up-and-coming global venture capital funds that are open for family office investments and cooperations. We asked all venture capital funds three questions about their focus, their portfolio – and why they are a good choice for LP investments from family offices. We are happy to connect family office investors with the introduced VCs.

Top-notch funds

3 Questions to Storm Ventures: Successful B2B SaaS Investor from Menlo Park
3 Questions to Seroba Life Sciences: European Biotech and Medtech Investor
3 Questions to DNX Ventures: Early-Stage Venture Capital for B2B Startups
3 Questions to Earlybird: Early-Stage Investor for European Technology Startups
3 Questions to Chiratae Ventures: Successful Seed and Early Stage Investor in India
3 Questions to bmp Ventures: German Technology Investor With More Than 100 Exits

Established funds

3 Questions to Senovo: Investor for Early-Stage B2B SaaS Startups
3 Questions to Yabeo: Tech Investor for “Entrepreneurial Partnerships”
3 Questions to UVC: Venture Capital for European Technology-based B2B Start-Ups

Up-and-coming funds

3 Questions To CoFound Partners: The VC For Enterprise Startups
3 Questions To Twenty Seven Ventures: The Rising EdTech And Future Of Work Venture
3 Questions to York IE: The Successful Firm That Is Reshaping The VC Model
3 Questions to Acrobator Ventures: The Investor In Russian-Speaking Tech Founders
3 Questions to Latin Leap Ventures: Investor For Startups In LATAM Markets
3 Questions To Unpopular Ventures: The Fund That Seeks The Uncommon Project
3 Questions To Ignite XL Ventures: Investment Leader In Wellness
3 Questions To 100X.VC: The Supportive Scaling Fund For Emerging Startups
3 Questions To FEBE Ventures: Early-Stage VC For Southeast Asia Startups
3 Questions For Cogito Capital Partners: Late-Stage B2B Fund
3 Questions To MaC Ventures: Seed-Stage VC
3 Questions To Mustard Seed MAZE: European Impact Investor

Private Equity Investments

In this chapter, we deal with family office-related private equity investment topics.

Content will be released soon. 

Renewables, Impact Investing and Philantropy

In this chapter, we deal with family office-related renewables, impact investing and philanthropy topics.

Content will be released soon.