3 Questions To Ignite XL Ventures: Investment Leader In Wellness

3 Questions To Ignite XL Ventures: Investment Leader In Wellness

In our new article series, we introduce the most exciting venture capital firms that are open for LP investments to our family office network. The article belongs to our exclusive single-family office guidebook, where we give guidance on the most relevant topics for newly established and already existing family investment vehicles.

In this article, we talked to IgniteXL Ventures, a women-led seed and pre-seed stage venture fund that is focused on the digitalization of the wellness and beauty industry. With a diversified portfolio of companies worldwide, they are fostering the overall industry tech revolution.

Familyofficehub.io (FO): Briefly describe your focus: in which kind of startups are you investing, where is your geographical focus, what’s your average ticket size?

IgniteXL Ventures: We are a Silicon Valley-based $10MM global seed fund immersed in the $5T global wellness market igniting game-changing founders and investing in startups at the intersection point of technology, beauty, and wellness.  With the advancement of technology and the rise of conscious consumers who demand authenticity, sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity, the beauty and wellness market is ripe for digital and cultural transformation. It also represents excellent investment opportunities to investors with high margins, recurring purchases, attractive exit opportunities, and its resilience to recession as seen during this pandemic. 

We currently have investments in the US, Korea, Brazil, and the UK. Our check size ranges from $100K to $500K.

FO: What are exciting companies in your portfolio – and why?

IgniteXL: We would like to highlight these dynamic companies in our portfolio:

  • Bubble – First, modern affordable science-based skincare formulated specifically to clean, balance, and hydrate teenage skin using all plant-based, sustainable, and cruelty-free ingredients.
  • Dr. Jones – Subscription-based men’s personal care brand aiming to be the next Dollar Shave Club in Brazil.
  • Oros – Outdoor apparel brand leveraging proprietary NASA insulation technology to create the warmest outerwear without the usual bulkiness. Oros recently launched a limited edition 39A Flight jacket signed by Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman (and human) to spacewalk and go to the deepest part of the ocean. Oros sold out of the 39A Flight Jacket within an hour of its release with 23,000 on a waitlist.
  • Wild.ai – An AI-based coaching app that leverages menstrual health data to optimize women’s peak performance.  Wild.ai provides the knowledge, support, and power for women to perform at their best.

FO: Why should a family office invest in Ignite XL Ventures as LP?

IgniteXL: By investing in igniteXL Ventures, European family offices have:

  • Access to a robust pipeline of deals and opportunities to invest alongside us.
  • Access and insight into the latest technology, market, and global trends in the beauty & wellness industry.
  • Gain outsized returns by investing in an emerging fund led by women investing in diverse teams breeding innovation.
  • Assurance that every aspect of what we do is focused on helping our startups succeed.

FO: Are you also open to investments from European family offices?

Ignite XL: We welcome the opportunity to work with European family offices to expand our global LP reach and find synergy within our respective network.

FO: Thanks for your time!

Headquarters: Silicon Valley, USA
Website: IgniteXL Ventures

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