List of 3 Single Family Offices from Vancouver

List of Single Family Offices in Canada Vancouver Hub

Consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world, Vancouver offers many competitive advantages for firms. Natural beauty, direct access to beaches and ports and its commitment to public transport form a business climate which is innovative, progressive, green and approachable. Its diverse economy includes exciting growth in the green and technology sectors, as well as a rapidly expanding creative sector. This is especially true in technology, digital entertainment and interactive, and the green economy, as well as more traditional industries including tourism, forestry, mining, transportation and logistics. So it’s not a surprise that many of the private investment firms linked to the most wealthiest individuals, so called single family offices, are located in Vancouver. As part of our research database of the largest single family offices in Canada, we want to present you three family offices that have their headquarters in Vancouver.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in Canada

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#1: Wychwood Capital

Founded in 2008, the Wychwood Capital single family office supports the investment and trust activities of their family businesses already in the third generation and thrives to reduce overall correlation to major asset classes with its investments. The origin of the family business can be traced back to 1933, when the first generation founded a transportation company in Hong Kong. From the beginnings, the family expanded its interests to local and overseas property management, real estate development and diversified portfolio management. Today, the family office invests actively in venture capital & private equity transactions, focusing on the private growth & seed stages. Furthermore, investments in the traditional capital markets are made through hedge funds, futures and credit trades.

#2: Tricor Pacific Capital

The leading Canadian single family office actively invests the capital of its owner family. In 1996 the investment firm was founded in order to carry out private equity transactions, using the family’s, as well as institutional funds to invest in middle-market companies across North America. Under the direction of Rod Senft, Tricor Pacific Capital managed four separate funds with a total committed capital of $1.2 billion. Until today, Tricor Pacific Capital has evolved into a single family office that solely invests its own capital, focusing on real estate and private equity. In the field of real estate mainly transactions linked to commercial and residential properties are made. For example, Tricor owns a portfolio of purpose-built, industrial, single-tenant real estate. Private equity investments are mainly consisting of real estate, food, industrial and transportation businesses, with a strong focus on middle market companies. An exemplary investment is OCTS, a full-service container drayage and storage provider, including transloading and flat-deck trucking, who’s proud to be the first and last mile for some of the world’s most prominent steamship lines and freight forwarding companies. In addition, Tricor Pacific provides capital for some funds, e.g. for Parallel49 Equity and Spira Equity Partners.

#3: Marin Investments Limited

Marin Investments manages the private investment and wealth needs of the Young Family and was established in 1952. Since 1982 Marin Investments is led by Charles Young, graduate of Stanford and Harvard Business School. The investment activities of Marin all started with a controlling interest in Finning Tractor and Equipment, the largest Caterpillar distributor worldwide. Later on, the investment company expanded its activities to the private equity, real estate and stock markets. Exemplary investments in private equity are, for example, Tantalus and Kardium. Tantalus delivers measurable and meaningful operational savings through their multi-purpose Smart Grid solutions platform for Advanced Metering, Demand Management, Distribution Automation and Grid Optimization. Kardium is developing a revolutionary medical device for the diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation.

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