List of 3 large Single Family Offices in San Francisco

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This article directly stems from the research process for our US single family office database. Our list includes many family offices from San Francisco. We also offer a dedicated Californian single family office list.

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San Francisco is located in California near the famous Silicon Valley, home of  numerous start-up-firms and worldwide active technology based companies. The most famous are Apple, Facebook and Google, just to name a few. There also are many institutions focused on technology around the renowned Stanford University. This highly tech oriented area of course attracts many Single Family Offices, that mostly invest in innovative tech-startups. You can find more California based Single Family Offices through our list of Californian Single Family Offices. In the following we’re going to introduce you three of them, that are based in San Francisco. If you’re looking for Single Family Offices all over the U. S. you should check out our list of Single Family Offices in the United States.

#1: Fremont Group – The Bechtel Family Investment Arm

The Fremont Group acts as the single family office of the Bechtel Family, who started their first economic activities in 1898. The company then was a global leader in engineering, construction and project management. Fremont Group was formed in 1980 as a subsidiary of the Bechtel Group and became a separate entity in 1986. Today Bechtel is still a private company held by the fifth generation of the family. The Fremont Group’s offices are located in San Francisco. The Investment Firm only invests family capital and makes platform investments in growing family and founder-owned operating businesses. The company is focused on industrials, manufacturing, business services, network infrastructure, core technologies and life sciences. One of their recent investments is the Silicon Valley based “eSilicon” firm. The company provides semiconductor design and manufacturing services.

#2: Dolby Family Ventures – Legacy of Ray Dolby

The investment firm “Dolby Family Ventures” manages and invests the assets of the Dolby family. The family gained its money from the activities of the engineer and surround sound pioneer Ray Dolby, who founded his audio engineering company “Dolby” in 1965. Today the Dolby Sound technics are used in many cinemas and high end playback devices. Dolby family Ventures is mainly active as a venture capitalist in seed and series A financing rounds with focus on digital media, security, cloud services, Healthcare Technologies and Services. One example of their recent portfolio companies is Virtual Power Systems. This company provides software-defined power to data centers via intelligent and automated power provisioning to server farms. VPS technology increases reliability, reduces power losses and simplifies the power infrastructure across the industry.

#3: Baruch Future Ventures – Family Office of a Famous Venture Capitalist

Baruch Future Ventures was founded in 2012 and serves the economic and personal needs of Tom Baruch, an American business man and venture capitalist. For example, he was one of the founding partners of the famous venture capital funds CEMEA Capital and Formation 8. His family office Baruch Future Ventures invests, as the name suggests, in venture capital. Currently they invest in early stage companies focused on resource scarce and climate sensitive markets. The main categories are: Clean & Efficient Energy Systems, Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture, Water Treatment & Conservation, Air Quality & Industrial Gases and Health Care Diagnostics & Therapeutics. One of the current investments is Spark Thermionics. The start-up developed a technology that allows direct converting of heat to electricity, using compact, microfrabricated thermionic devices.

Picture Source: Maarten van den Heuvel

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