Rodger Riney Single Family Office Invests In $6.9M Geneoscopy’s Series A

Rodger Riney Single Family Office Invests In $6.9M Geneoscopy Series A

Geneoscopy develops diagnostic tools to “prevent, detect and guide treatment for gastrointestinal diseases” by stool-dervied RNA. Lightchain Capital LLC, the US single family office of Rodger Riney, invested in the St. Louis based company’s $6.9M Series A funding round. The family office is also listed in our list of single family offices in New York.

Geneoscopy is working on colorectal cancer screening tests

Geneoscopy’s unique technology enables the detection of changes in gene expression by analyzing stool. Thereby, colorectal cancer can be detected. According to NIH, 60-70 millions of Americans are affected by digestive diseases – which leads to $100B in medical expenses. Geneoscopy has developed a platform technology for the RNA analysis, which improves cancer screening compliance and enables early-stage detection of cancer neoplasms. Compared to other technologies, the method is non-invasive and associated with lower costs.

Riney single family office as an investor in $6.9M Series A round

Rodger Riney is the founder of Scottrade, a stockbrokerage firm that was acquired in 2017 by TD Ameritrade. In 2016, the company had sales in the amount of $1.1B and 3700 employees. Riney manages his wealth through the New York-based Lightchain Capital LLC single family office. Other investments of Lightchain are Sharpen Technologies or Arch Oncology. The $6.9M Series A was led by Cultivation Capital and NT Investments.

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