Three Benelux Single Family Offices That Invest In Real Estate

Three Benelux Single Family Offices That Invest In Real Estate

Many real estate firms from the Benelux area (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) are active investors in whole Europe. That’s also the case for several well-known single family offices (investment firms of high net worth families) from the region. We are introducing you to three interesting Benelux single family offices investing in real estate.

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HB Capital, Netherlands, Investing in high-Quality retail real estate

The Dutch Blokker family made a fortune through their retail company “Blokker”. The company owns more than 2,800 stores, amongst others in Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The revenue of the group is estimated at €2BN. HB Capital serves as the Blokker single family office and invests in funds as well as direct and indirect real estate investments. When it comes to real estate investments, HB Capital is mainly interested in retail property in the Netherlands and countries where the family company is active. Key investment criteria are a high-quality level, steady cash flows through rent and a “dominating position in the local catchment area”. An exemplary object from the portfolio is the Mirocenter in Enschede (15,000 sqm retail park) or a neighborhood shopping center in Deventer (11,500 sqm).

Baltisse, Belgium,>€10M investments and development in Belgium, Luxembourg and Europe

Baltisse is the single family office of Filip Balcaen’s family, who sold its floor covering company IVC to US-firm Mohawk. The Belgian single family office is focused on private equity and real estate investments. Baltisse is investing in different real estate types: retail, offices, senior housing and mixed-use. Besides investing, the single family office also develops projects on its own. The minimum deal size amounts €10M, investments are primarily made in Belgium, Luxembourg and major cities from neighboring European countries. Exemplary objects are the Galleria Inno in Hasselt or the “Rosenstiel” object in Luxembourg.

Straco, Belgium, retail and semi-industrial real estate investments in Benelux

Straco is another major Belgian single family office. The investment firm with the slogan “for the long run only” mainly invests in real estate and private equity. Straco holds a major portfolio of prime retail objects and semi-industrial buildings (offices, storage facilities). Exemplary objects are located in 1A locations in Hasselt, Gent, Leuven, Brussel and Antwerpen. Besides that, Straco is also an active project developer of high quality residential and office buildings. Exemplary is the “De Capucien” project in Aalst. Also luxury villas on the Greek island Zakinthos are developed by Straco (“Villa Taki”, “Villa Askos”).

Picture source: Adrien Olichon

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