New CEO For Investment Vehicle Of Swiss Bertarelli Single Family Office

New CEO For Swiss Bertarelli Single Family Office

Cyrus Jilla will be the CEO of Northill Capital, a subsidiary of Waypoint Capital. Waypoint is the single family office and investment firm of Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli and his family. Jilla formerly led Eight Roads Ventures, a venture capital investment owned by Fidelity International. Before, Cyrus Jilla worked for Schroders and Bain & Co.

Northill Capital invests in asset managers

Northill is a rather special investment vehicle of the Bertarelli single family office. It invests in „high quality single-purpose asset management“ firms. One of Northill’s portfolio companies is Virginia-based Strategic Investment Group which is an „Outsourced Chief Investment Officer industry pioneer“. Another exemplary portfolio company is Riverbridge Partners, which manages US equity growth portfolios for institutional and high net worth investors.

Waypoint: The Bertarelli Single Family Office

The Bertarelli wealth stems from biotech firm Serono SA which was sold in 2007 to Merck KGaA. Ernesto Bertarelli was appointed as Serono’s CEO in 1996. He managed to triple Serono’s revenues to $2.8BN.  The family’s fortune – which is estimated at $18.1BN – is mainly managed through Waypoint. Besides Northill, the Bertarelli family office also invests in real estate and venture capital through different subsidiaries. Also interesting is Beratrelli’s biotech investment firm Gurnet Point Capital, which was a major investor in 2015 founded Boston Pharmaceuticals. Boston Pharmaceuticals was equipped with $600M from the beginning on. In 2018, the US pharma firm acquired three different drug licenses from Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. The mastermind behind the strategic investments was industry insider Ernesto Bertarelli and his powerful Waypoint family office.

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