Fairfax Single Family Office Invests In Plant-Based Meat Startup’s $55M Series B

Fairfax Single Family Office Invests In Plant-Based Meat Startup's $55M Series B

Marinya Capital – the single family office of the John Fairfax family – invests in the $55M (or: AU$77M) Series B funding round of plant-based meat company v2food. Marinya Capital is also in our list of the most important Australian single family offices.

v2food: Australian startup working on plant-based meat alternatives

The Australian startup v2food works on various plant-based meat alternatives. For example, v2mince is an alternative for beef mince. For burgers, the startup offers the v2burger patties. The company’s burgers are served nation-wide in Hungry Jack’s and Burger King restaurants. In 2019 V2 was first launched through a collaboration between the Australian science agency CSIRO and the innovation fund Main Sequence Ventures as well as the fast food franchise owner Competetive Foods Australia..

Fairfax Single Family Office as investor in recent $55M Series B

Now, V2 raised its recent record-breaking $55M Series B funding round. Investors include Singapore’s state fund Temasek, Sequoia Capital China, and Horizons Ventures. The funding round was the biggest in the sector in Australia yet. Another investor of the Series B was Marinya Capital – the single family office of the John Fairfax family. John B. Fairfax established Fairfax media, a leading media firm in Australia. Besides venture capital, Marinya Capital also invests in property and fund managers. Investments in plant-based startups receive more and more capital from single family offices. Another active investor in the field is the Jeremy Coller single family office CPT capital.

Source: Greenqueen, 28.10.2020
Picture Source: Rolande PG

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