Edgar Single Family Office Invests In Travel Company

Edgar Single Family Office Invests In Travel Company

The „House of Travel“ Group, Australia’s leading travel company, attracts two new long-term investors. One of them is the „Sinclair Investment Group“, the single family office of the Edgar family.

Strong Travel Brands in Australasia united in “House of Travel” Group

House of Travel was founded in 1986 in New Zealand and expanded to Australia in 2007. Since its humble beginnings, the company grew to one of the largest independent travel companies in the area. Turnovers in 2018 were at $1.8BN. Well-known brands of the House of Travel Group are TravelManagers Australia and Hoot Holidays.

New Australian Family Office Investor to Strengthen Balance Sheet

In order to fight COVID-19 uncertainties and to strengthen the financial resources of the company, House of Travel got two new equity investors: Tailorspace and the Sinclair Investment Group. Tailorspace is an investment management company founded by Ben Gough in 2007. The Sinclair Investment Group is the single family office of the Edgar Family, founded by Sir Eion and Lady Jan Edgar. The Edgar family office invests in businesses, as well as philanthropy, sports, and arts.

Picture Source: Dan Freeman
Source: TravelWeekly, 29.06.2020

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