Benner Single Family Office Acquires Furniture Manufacturer THONET

German Benner Single Family Office Acquires Furniture Manufacturer THONET

In the beginning of 2022, the German Benner single family office acquired a 68 percent stake of Thonet GmbH. Thonet is a German furniture manufacturer with a long history.

Thonet: Modern German furniture manufacturer

Thonet was founded in 1819 in Boppard am Rhein, Germany. Since then, Thonet wood chairs gained a lot of attention. From Vienna’s coffee houses to elegant hotels in London or Nice: Thonet was an integral part of the interior design. In 2013, a private equity investor bought a stake of Thonet. The new majority owning family office Benner has its headquarter in Wiesbaden, which is not too far from today’s Thonet HQ in Frankenberg.

German Benner Single Family Office: active investor in various fields

The new owner of Thonet, the Benner Beteiligungsgesellschaft, is a well-known family office from Wiesbaden, Germany. Benner has various investment segments. The family’s wealth is based on a shoe retail chain. Furthermore, it invests in real estate within the Rhein-Main area, in startups and energy. Other private equity and startup investments include The Platform Group, Leydi Kosmetik or WeWantShoes.

Source: Unternehmeredition, 19.01.2022
Picture source: Toa Heftiba

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