Danish Multi Family Office acquires Biogas Producer Vinkel Bioenergi

Danish Multi Family Office acquires Biogas Producer Vinkel Bioenergi

In January 2022, an interesting family office deal was announced: the Danish multi family office Maigaard & Molbech acquires Danish biogas company Vinkel Bioenergi in a joint venture transaction together with solutions provider European Energy.

Vinkel Bioenergi: Leading biogas producer in Denmark

The Højslev-based project Vinkel Bioenergi is one of the largest biogas plants in Denmark. It can process 400,000 tons of biomass per year and deliver biogas to over 25,000 households. It was commissioned in 2019. The plant converts biomass in green and CO2-neutral gas. Furthermore, it provides 6,000 Nm3 per hour to Denmark’s natural gas grid. After the acquisition, Vinkel Bioenergi will become a subsidiary ob BioCirc ApS. BioCirc, in turn, is the holding company of the Maigaard & Molbech family office and European Energy. European Energy is a Danish renewable energy service provider that “develops, finances, constructs and operates wind and solar farms as well as large-scale PtX plants”.

Interesting transaction of Danish multi family office

The Copenhagen-based multi family office Maigaard & Molbech advises high net worth clients and builds up an investment strategy. The transaction has various interesting aspects. First, it is quite rare that multi family offices pursue direct investment opportunities. However, it shows that European multi family offices are starting to explore new types of investments. Second, it shows the increasing importance of energy assets on European family office investment markets.

Article source: Gasworld
Picture source: Adrian Infernus

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