Single Family Office Spotlight: Kalodion GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

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In our “spotlight” article series we are highlighting some interesting single family offices from that were added to our list of European single family offices in 2022. Today’s focus: Kalodion, a Berlin-based single family office of entrepreneur David Zimmer, who sold the telecommunications firm Inexio.

What’s the background of Kalodion?

David Zimmer founded the German glass fiber company inexio, which was sold in September 2019 to EQT for €1BN. Inexio installed more than 14,000 km of glass fiber cables so far and operates its own data centers in Saarlouis, Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern. Since the sale, Zimmer’s single family office Kalodion is playing a more important role on German investment markets.

What’s the investment focus of the Berlin-based single family office?

Theself-declared focus of the Kalodion family office lies on sustainability. Investments are pursued with a long-term horizon and a stakeholder approach. Furthermore, the family office offers support for founders and is active in philantropy. Kalodion’s focus can be separated in three main themes:

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Recently, Kalodion was one of the most active venture capital single family investors in Germany. For example, familyofficehub reported about Kalodion’s investment in circunomics, which works on solutions for circular battery economy. Other early stage portfolio companies include Airnow, Küchenheld or Cathago. Furthermore, the family office pursues private equity co-investments with Warburg Pincus and Silver Investment Partners and still holds a part of inexio / Deutsche Glasfaser. Furthermore, Kalodion invests in Fund of Funds like Speedinvest or MK Venture Capital.

Real Estate

Kalodion also manages a growing real estate portfolio. It includes the headquarter of inexio in Saarlouis (a former Bundesbank building that is called “Vault”), a mixed-use building in Saarbrücken or the Villa Sehmer in Saarbrücken which hosts a three Michelin star restaurant. Furthermore, the family office pursues real estate development projects.

Social entrepreneurship

Last but not least, the Berlin-based Zimmer single family office supports various social entrepreneurship initiatives like the Blue Future Project which enables fresh water supply for rural communities in Africa. Other Zimmer-supported initiatives include Startup teens or Generation Ü.

Picture source: Florian Wehde

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