Hiranandani Single Family Office Invests in StanPlus’ $20M Round

Hiranandani Single Family Office Invests in StanPlus' $20M Round

Indian, Bengaluru-based healthtech startup StanPlus recently announced a $20M funding round. Amongst the investors is Pegasus, the Indian single family office of the Hiranandani Group.

StanPlus: Professional ambulance services

StanPlus is a leading software-enabled company for private ambulance services in Hyderabad, an important city in Southern India. The company aggregates a fleet of more than 900 ambulances that guarantee medicial transport in 15 minutes or less. The company was launched by the three INSEAD MBA graduates Prabhdeep Singh, Antoine Poirson and Jose Leon. The company tackles an important gap: while grocery deliveries are working smoothly in just a few minutes, ambulances are often taking way too long. Through its services, StanPlus enables “plug-and-play medical response”, with its aggregated and well-equipped fleet. Through its services, StanPlus works on a better medical provision and lower fatality rates in India. The company wants to use the funding round to scale across India.

Hiranandani Single Family Office amongst investors

Pegasus Fininvest is the single family office of the Hiranandani group. It invests in technology, healthcare, financial inclusion and education startups. Other investors in this round include Sandeep Singhal and other angel investors. The round consisted of equity and debt. The debt part was contributed by N+1 capital. Already in March 2020, StanPlus raised $1.5M from local angel investors. Its seed financing was contributed by KStart Capital.

Article source: India Times, 14.02.2022
Picture source: Camilo Jimenez

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