Multi Family Office Agami Brussels
Agami is a Brussels based leading Multi Family Office for French-speaking Europe, which was founded in 2006 by Francois Simon and Laurent de Swarte. Both equipped with experience in banking and other family offices they understood how to manage the heritage of entrepreneur families or wealthy families most appropriate.  Apart from their main office in... Continue reading →
Arnault Family Office LVMH
List of the 900 largest Single Family Offices Europe [2024 Update] Rated 4.63 out of 5 €999,99 including VAT Add to cart List of the 50 largest Single Family Offices in France [2024 Update] €199,99 including VAT Add to cart This article directly stems from the research process for our European single family office database.... Continue reading →
georgia single family office littlejohn capital invests
Littlejohn Capital is the single family office of Angus Littlejohn, the founder of the private equity fund Littlejohn & Co. Recently, the Littlejohn family office announced the acquisition of the component producer Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. Western Industries is a Kansas-based company which is a "industry-leading designer and manufacturer of premium blow molded finished products". The... Continue reading →
reimann single family office jab holding invests in animal hospitals
The German Reimann family is managing a substantial share of its multi-billion wealth through the Luxembourg-based JAB Holding. JAB holds investments in companies like Coty, Reckitt Benckiser or various coffee companies like Jacobs or Keurig Green Mountain. The most recent investment is heading in a completely new direction. Acquiring a majority-stake in Compassion First Animal Clinics JAB is... Continue reading →
edinburgh single family office souter investment
The Scottish businessman Sir Brian Souter is the founder of the Stagecoach group, a major international transport company. With a net worth of approximately £1B he is one of the richest UK citizens. Souter's investment firm specializes on Real Estate, Funds, Stock and owns a large Private Equity portfolio. The Edinburgh based Family Offices has, amongst other, stakes... Continue reading →