Single Family Offices Private Equity Funds
Single Family Offices and Private Equity Funds in Europe Many large single family offices are successful private equity investors themselves. Our research team regularly identifies the most important single family offices that invest in companies in order to expand our database. In addition to their own investments, cooperation between single family offices and private equity funds also... Continue reading →
Soventus Single Family Office Sweden
Proventus is the life's work of Robert Weil, one of Sweden's most unorthodox investors. In 1969 with only 20 years, he started his first investment company Weilinvest which would later be renamed to Proventus. He and his company were an active driver of the professionalisation, internationalisation and improvement of transparency of the Swedish capital market.... Continue reading →
Al Mansour Single Family Office London
Man Capital LLC is the investment arm and single family office of the Mansour Family, which owns one of Egypt's most important conglomerates. The family conglomerate is run by three brothers; Forbes estimates their fortune to be in the amount of $5B. Mohamed is the leading figure in the family, together with his two brothers Yasseen... Continue reading →