Baden Board GmbH Sold To German-Czech Single Family Office

czech-german single family office acquires company

The German company Baden Board produces more than 150.000 tons of Duplex- and Triplex cardboards per year. Now, the company changed its owner. The German LIVIA family office sold Baden Board to German-Czech single family office MARPERGER Group. The purchase price remains undisclosed.

A leader in cardboard manufacturing

Baden Board consists of two main business units: Baden Karton and Baden Packaging. Baden Carton was founded in 1882 as wood grinding plant and cardboard factory. Baden Packaging is offering innovative packaging solutions through its team of more than 100 employees. The company is headquartered in the German city Gernsbach.Baden Board’s CEO Jürgen Schultz states that through the now owner growth in the food industry will be targeted, since the MARPERGER Group owns multiple relevant brands.

Sale from single family office to other single family office

Although the owner of Baden Board changes it will remain a single family office. LIVIA Group is an industrial holding and serves as family office for Prof. Dr. Dr. Löw, a German private equity pioneer. LIVIA’S assets under management amount more than 780M€. The Löw family office is specialized in Spinn-Offs- and Carve-Outs of companies with revenues between 20-1500M€. Recently, LIVIA acquired Fujitsu Technology Solutions SPA from Fujitsu. The new owner of Baden Board, the MARPERGER GROUP, is the single family office of the entrepreneurial family Ferstl. MARPERGER is specialized in private equity deals and real estate. A special emphasis of the German-Czech SFO lies on companies with revenues between 20-200M€.

BVSE, 16.09.2019

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