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The European private equity market is more and more dominated by so-called single family office. These investment vehicles of wealthy families carry out comparatively few company acquisitions per year. Nevertheless, they are very relevant investors for medium-sized companies and hidden champions. Often the families’ assets stem from a long tradition as industrial companies, so that they can score with know-how and network. In addition, single family offices think long-term and allow the acquired companies sufficient room for manoeuvre. However, the most important single family offices are very difficult to reach and hardly visible. This is why we are building large databases of the most important family office in Europe. We enable you to reach out to the secretive and powerful investment companies. In this article we want to give you an insight into the Swiss single family office scene by introducing three companies that are active in the field of private equity.

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#1: Müller-Möhl Group, Zurich – strategic investments as well as capital market activities since 2000

The Müller-Möhl Group is managed by a very committed family from Switzerland. Through numerous foundations, social commitment is given high priority in order to make sensible use of the family assets. Carolina Müller-Möhl is respected far beyond the Swiss borders as a philanthropist. In addition, the family’s Single Family Office actively invests in companies in Switzerland and neighbouring Swiss countries. As a former Nestlé board member, Mrs Müller-Möhl is one of the most important individuals in the Swiss economy. Through her Family Office, the know-how and network is used to promote SMEs and bring them to new growth. The team consists of seasoned investment managers with in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Some of the best-known portfolio companies are probably Fielmann AG and Orascom Development. According to its own information, the investment profile of the single family office is characterised by diversification across asset classes and regions.

#2: Genico Family Office AG, Zug – initiated by Andrea und Andreas Georgiadis in 2013

The Genico Family Office pursues a two-part investment strategy. On the one hand, the investment company invests in real estate in Switzerland and England. On the other hand, the Family Office invests in medium-sized industrial companies. These are for example Impreva AG, Stadelmann + Boog AG and Rotima AG. Andrea and Andreas Georgiadis are applying their knowledge of the Swiss market to their investments, focusing on comparatively small companies that are renowned specialists in their field and have great growth potential. Genico is a typical single family office about which hardly anything is known. You will find many more of these companies in our comprehensive database. In addition, we regularly inform you about current developments and deals in the private equity industry.

#3: Caliza Holding AG, Netstal – investments in established companies (manufacturing, energy, real estate, mining, materials)

Caliza Holding invests in small and medium-sized companies with a promising business model. The focus is on companies with an enterprise value of between CHF 5 and 30 million. Both start-ups and young companies are of interest for the Single Family Office from Netstal in Switzerland. For example, we reported on a financing round for the Electrochaea energy start-up in which Caliza participated (read here). This investment is a good example of the strategy of some family offices in Europe dealing with disruptive companies in traditional industries. The Family Office also appears in succession arrangements and is therefore a valuable contact for entrepreneurs and shareholders.

Picture source: Joao Branco

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