List of the 50 largest Single Family Offices in Canada [2024 Update]

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The list includes 53 Canadian single family offices, thereof 33 with E-Mail address, 34 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a preview file is available upon request via contact [at] The last update of the list was published on January 15th, 2024.

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List of 3 large Single Family Offices in Canada

Throughout recent years, Canada developed to a single family office hotspot. Many Canadian millionaires and billionaires launched their private investment firms and started to actively invest in private and public markets. In the following, we are introducing you to three interesting Canadian family offices from our list.

1. Thomvest (Toronto)

The investment vehicle of Peter J. Thomson is called Thomvest. The Toronto-based family office has further offices in San Francisco (for venture capital investments) and Dallas (for real estate investments). The investment scope of the firm is split into three verticals: Thomvest Ventures, Thomvest Asset Management and Thomvest Properties. Thomvest is an extraordinarily active venture capital investor. Investments include Blend, carta, SoFi and ShiftLeft.

2. Claridge (Montreal)

Canadian billionaire Stephen Bronfman manages his wealth through the Claridge family office. Clardige invests in private equity, real estate as well as funds. In 2016, the Canadian family office launched an real estate investment program to focus on Quebec development projects. Until 2020, the investment platform invested more than $200M. When it comes to third-party funds, the family office invests in equity funds, hedge funds and private equity funds.

3. Werklund (Calgary)

David Werklund belongs to the wealthiest Canadians. He lauched oil servicing company Concord Well Servicing and waste management firm Canadian Crude Separators, which was ultimatively combined in Tervita Corporation. In 2021, Tervita was aquired by Secure Energy Services. The Werklund Family Office is active in various areas. Werklund Ventures invests in active equities as well as disruptive technologies and merchant banking. For philanthropic endeavours, the firm also operates the Werklund foundation.

canadian single family office list

Our Canadian single family office list

Single family offices are managing the fortune of wealthy families or individuals. In Canada, the wealth of many family offices stems from the mining industry, real estate, software companies, or industrial corporations. Now, the family offices are investing actively in various asset classes. Our list offers a unique overview of the most important and largest single family offices in Canada.

Contact details of single family offices from Canada

Our list is the optimal source of Canadian single family offices and the perfect mean to get in touch with them. For every single family office, as many contact details as possible are listed, from generic email addresses, phone numbers to executive names and postal addresses. Please note that we are bound to European GDPR and thus can only publish publicly available information and general contact details instead of personal ones.

Single family offices as real estate investors

An important asset class for Canadian single family offices is real estate. By acquiring existing properties or developing new ones, the private investment firms are enlargening their real estate portfolio. An interesting example is the Frind Properties family office from Vancouver that invests in commercial, residential and insturial properties.

Investment focus: venture capital and private equity

Another important asset class for single family offices from Canada is venture capital and private equity. By investing in startups and established private corporations, family investment firms are targeting returns well above the regular near-zero interest rates. While some family offices pursue direct investments, many family offices are also investing through funds or alongside them in co-investments.

Family offices as active investors on financial markets

Also stocks and bonds are belonging to the main asset classes of Canadian single family offices. Once again, the family offices are either pursuing active porfolio management with stock picking and their own investment decisions, while others are building up a diversified portfolio of funds of asset managers.


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