These three UK Single Family Offices invest in Private Equity

Private Equity Single Family Offices UK

Many single family offices are among the most important private equity investors in the UK. However, it is difficult to identify relevant family offices. Many of them operate secretly and attach importance to discretion. This is where the service of comes in. Our research team has great experience in tracking family offices and making them accessible in clear databases. These databases can be easily downloaded from our online shop. To give you an idea of what we do, here are three investment companies from wealthy families in the UK. They invest in private equity and are particularly active in their home country.

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#1: Tavistock Group – Single Family Office of Joe Lewis, actively investing in growing companies from various industries

Hardly any other family office has an investment focus as broad as that of the Tavistock Group. The company appears as a real estate and hotel investor, is active in the sports business (Tottenham Hotspur), invests as a venture capital investor in up-and-coming entrepreneurs and makes private equity investments. Behind the Tavistock Group is billionaire Joe Lewis, one of the richest people in the country. The company’s shareholdings include Mitchells & Butlers, renewable energy producer Patagonia Energía and numerous other companies from all over the world.

#2: LSG Holdings, London – Long-term thinking Single Family Office by experienced businessman and investor Elio Leoni Sceti

LSG Holdings is a typical single family office active in real estate, private equity and venture capital. The long-term investment horizon makes the investment company a popular investor among entrepreneurs who wish to implement their strategy in the long run. In many cases, the management holds shares in the company, which in LSG Holding’s view promotes sustainable corporate development. LSG Holding’s broad positioning is illustrated by the fact that we also present the company in our contribution on three UK family offices from the venture capital sector.

#3: TY Danjuma Family Office, Surrey – Single Family Office focused on private equity and real estate investments in the UK and beyond

TY Danjuma Family Office is the single family office of the Nigerian businessman Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma. The investment company pursues the goal of asset preservation and accumulation by investing in various asset classes. This includes in particular the private equity sector as well as the real estate market. Under the name TY Ventures (UK) Ltd, investments are made in promising companies from various sectors. One of the portfolio companies is CNIguard, a provider of remote monitoring systems for critical infrastructure. Another investment is made in the film production company Starchild Pictures.

Picture source: Gordon Williams

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