Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG | Single Family Office in Schlieren, Switzerland

Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG operates as a Holding and is a Swiss-based Single Family Office of the Geistlich family. In the next couple of years, the company plans and develops a whole new quarter in the family’s hometown Schlieren. The so called “amRietpark” area is built up by Geistlich Immobilia AG, the real estate company of the family holding. Besides their activities in real estate, the Geistlich family is an active investor and entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry. The Swiss family office was initiated by Dr. Peter Geistlich and is led by Dr. Andreas Geistlich since 2014.

Key facts about the Geistlich Single Family Office Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG

  • Family: Geistlich
  • Estimated wealth: n.a.
  • Location: Schlieren, Switzerland
  • Investment Focus: Real Estate, Private Equity
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Brandstrasse 1-7 (Schlieren), Geistlich Pharma
  • Websitehttps://www.geistlich.com/de/

Picture source: Niko Photos

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