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Investment analyses and industry knowledge: The investments of European family offices

Regional insights: The importance of specific countries, regions and cities for the family office industry in Europe

Family office knowledge: the core of our work as leading research platform for and about family offices in Europe

Our research portal is particularly known for its comprehensive market overviews of the European family office industry. However, the Family Office database is only one of our assets. In addition to valuable contacts to particularly wealthy families, our clients and readers benefit from detailed market reports and analyses. For us, the statistics on the most important single family offices in Europe or multi family offices in Europe even form the basis of our work. We are only able to provide comprehensive lists because we deal intensively with the investment companies on a daily basis. Not only do we identify the companies, but we often dive deep into their business. The results are knowledge articles and analyses from very different areas. We portrait family office investments in the energy market as well as in the digital environment. We evaluate the investment focus in different countries and analyse individual cities in detail. We evaluate figures on size and assets under management and look at individual deals in detail. We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to welcoming you to our website regularly so that we can keep you up to date.

Data-driven research methods: How we compile our statistics and market analyses

Our market reports are written by experienced research managers who have been working in the family office environment for years. In their research, they use modern tools and methods to get the most out of the available data and information. Our web crawlers play an important role in this, helping us to identify family offices and relevant deals. In this way, we are always aware of interesting news, which we then investigate in detail. Of course, we also use our comprehensive database. We have already analysed data on German single family offices, examined British single family offices based in London and analysed single family offices with a real estate focus. For data analysis, we use classic programs such as Excel, but we also like to use modern tools such as Tableau or R. In any case, you can be sure that our data is always validated and that the evaluations are based on solid market research knowledge.

Family office knowledge, market insights and reports as a key differentiator between familyofficehub and other family office platforms

The family office scene has been experiencing increasing interest in the financial industry for some years now. Meanwhile there are different possibilities to get an overview of relevant players. We strongly believe that our database is by far the most complete, comprehensive and up-to-date. But we are not only distinguished by the quality of our lists, but also by our knowledge in this area. Our market research creates real added value and helps you dive into the industry. None of our competitors is able to publish as detailed statistics and analyses as we are. But convince yourself!

Picture source: Martin Adams