Three Single Family Offices from Belgium and the Netherlands to Watch

Three Single Family Offices from Belgium and the Netherlands

Luxembourg is one of the wealth-capitals in Europe, Belgium has lots of tradition and old money and the Netherlands – famous as a company of handy traders and business men – hosts a wide range of young companies in the financial sector. Summing it up, the Benelux area is a region which can’t be neglected when it comes to single family offices. We introduce you to three single family offices from our list of the largest Benelux single family offices.

#1: Baltisse NV, Belgian Single Family Office

Filip Balcaen sold his company IVC in 2015 to an American firm, what made him one of the richest Belgian citizens. Through his Baltisse family office he invests in real estate, private equity, capital markets and renewables. Investments include Stevia One or Origis Energy.

#2: HB Capital, Dutch Single Family Office

Centered around the Blokker’s family retail holding, HB Capital manages the wealth of the family. The investment focus ranges from real estate to private equity and capital markets. Notable investments include or the IV-Groep. For new investments ticket sizes have to be between 50-250M€.

#3: Korys, Belgian Single Family Office

Korys in managing the investments of the Belgian Colruyt family, which is active in the retail sector since 50 years. The team of more than 20 investment professionals which are based in Belgium and Luxembourg are investing in financial markets and direct private equity deals. Notable portfolio companies include the Colruyt group, parkwind or Wind Rose Renewables.

Picture source: Nicole Baster

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