Three Scandinavian Single Family Offices You Should Know

scandinavian single family offices list

This article directly stems from the research process for our European single family office directory. Our list includes several major Scandinavian single family offices.

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For various reasons the Scandinavian countries are among the richest of the world. As a logical consequence, many important single family offices are guarding the wealth of Scandinavia’s wealthiest inhabitants. We are introducing you to three interesting Nordics single family offices, which are also part of our list of the largest Scandinavian Single Family Offices.

#1: Backstage, Swedish Single Family Office with focus on Venture Capital

Backstage Invest is a single family office which is based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, two Swedish cities. The investment firm is focusing on Nordic scale-up companies, thereby managing the portfolio of the Tilander family. Current investments include GP Bullhound funds, Snusbolaget, BCB Medical or Varenne. The company already realized various exits: Tradeextensions (acquired by Coupa Software), The Xanté Company (acquired by Altia Plc) or ITP-Invest (Management Buy Out).

#2: Awilhelmsen Capital, Norwegian Single Family Office

The Wilhelmsen family made their fortune through shipping and later also services for the oil industry. The company diversified in further fields like real estate later on. Since 2000, Awilhelmsen turned into a family investment company with a focus on financial markets and the already-existing business fields. Investments include the consumer electronics chain Expert, rig company Awilco Offshore or Awilco Drilling.

#3: Proventus, Swedish Stockholm-Based Single Family Office

Proventus is a private investment company, founded and owned by Robert Weil. Proventus invests in three different areas: credits for northern European companies, a hedge fund-like investment arm and philantropy. Through Proventus Capital Partners, Weil offers credits for companies like Eterna or CheplaPharm, also for growth financing, acquisitions or refinancing. Proventus Invest, the hedge fund arm, acts opportunistic. Current investments include Power Wind Partners (a wind power park operator in Sweden) and the St Petersburg Property company.

Picture source: Rémi Jacquaint

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