These 3 Canadian Single Family Offices Invest in Venture Capital

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The current low interest rate environment is putting savers and, in general, people who want to use their assets profitably, in an unfavorable situation. Therefore, investments in the field of venture capital are becoming more and more interesting due to the situation mentioned above. Especially in the thriving economy of Canada, where the number of wealthy people and investors is increasing constantly, this particular form of investment is becoming more and more important. Normally, traditional banks don’t provide this form of capital because of the risks associated with it. This leads to startups approaching so called “Business Angels” and other venture capitalists (or sometimes venture capital funds) when they’re in the earlier stages of business. With this article we want to present you three venture capital focused single family offices from Canada as part of our list of the largest single family offices in Canada.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in Canada

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#1: Hedgewood

Hedgewood Inc. serves as the private investment vehicle of Jesse Rasch. It was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Toronto. Jesse Rasch is a successful entrepreneur in the software industry. He is the co-founder and past Chairman & CEO of and InQuent Technologies. Furthermore, he co-founded CareGuide. InQuent provides private label hosting solutions to telecommunications customers. WebHosting.Com was one of the largest business web hosting companies in the world. In 2000, Rasch sold InQuent and WebHosting.Com to AT&T. As a globally minded investor, Hedgewood actively pursues and engages in a wide variety of investment opportunities in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Besides of venture capital, the investment firm focuses also on private equity, capital markets, lending and real estate. The venture capital focus lies on consumer & enterprise tech, health care and food/cpg. Bench is an exemplary excerpt of the portfolio. The company provides an online bookkeeping service that delivers tax-ready financial statements from professional accountants and allows you to access a simple, elegant software to review your finances.

#2: Thomvest

The Toronto-based investment company takes care of the financial security needs of Peter J. Thomson and his family. The former rally car driver is now active as a Business Angel and built up an impressive net worth of over $6 billion, with which he’s backing Thomvest. The company was established in 1996 and is split into three divisions: Thomvest Ventures, Thomvest Asset Management & Thomvest Properties. In addition to private equity and real estate investments, which are proceeded through Thomvest Asset Management and Thomvest Properties, the firm focuses on venture capital through Thomvest Ventures, an evergreen cross-stage venture capital fund based in San Francisco. Since its inception in 1996, Thomvest Ventures has invested over $500 million in more than 50 technology companies and prefers to invest in the fields of finance, real estate, security, infrastructure, sales and marketing. With Zendrive, Thomvest backed a start-up that leverages mobile sensor data to provide actionable insights that improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide and that could be useful in pricing insurance tariffs.

#3: Otimo Retail

Otimo Retail, based in Montreal, acts as the private investment arm of Howard Stotland, Matthew Stotland, and David Henning and provides capital, as well as strategic and operational guidance to small and mid-sized technology providers who develop, market and sell software solutions to retail organizations. The firm offers a network of retail technology companies for partnership and business development opportunities and claims to be able to introduce business partners to appropriate C-level executives at Fortune 500 retailers. For example, Logiwa is a current venture capital investment at Otimo Retail. Logiwa is a cloud warehouse and inventory management software that meets the warehouse management and order fulfillment needs of retail and e-commerce businesses worldwide.

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