These 3 Canadian Single Family Offices Invest in Real Estate

list of 3 single family offices from canada that invest in real estate

Real estate: One of the few, if not the only, asset class that did not lose value during the Corona pandemic, but rather increased in value as usual. It is therefore less surprising that real estate will continue to be one of the most important asset classes. Especially in Canada’s metropolitan areas (Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver) real estate and rental prices are literally exploding. For example, in Toronto the average market rent for a usual 2-bedroom apartment in 2019 amounts to almost $2700, in Vancouver rental prices are even higher (around $3000 for a 2-bedroom apartment). For these reasons, single family offices, the private investment companies of wealthy private individuals, all tend to focus, at least in part, on real estate. With this article we want to present you 3 single family office in Canada, that invest in real estate. These single family offices are also featured in our recently created database of the largest Canadian single family offices.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in Canada

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#1: Tricor Pacific Capital

The Canadian single family office Tricor Pacific Capital doesn’t disclose who the family is that solely invests its own money and operates the firm from the “background”. But it is known, that the investment firm first was founded in order to carry out private equity transactions, using the family’s, as well as institutional funds to invest in middle-market companies across North America. Under the direction of Rod Senft, Tricor Pacific Capital managed four separate funds with a total committed capital of $1.2 billion. Until today, Tricor Pacific Capital has evolved into a single family office that only invests its own capital, focusing on real estate and private equity transactions. In terms of real estate, the firm focuses on commercial and residential properties and holds, for example, a portfolio of purpose-built, industrial, single-tenant real estate and highly seeks for industrial single tenant objects associated with their operating businesses or with other established businesses they can understand. Indirect real estate investments are proceeded through the Spira Equity Partners fund.

#2: Dancap Family Investment Office

The Dancap Family Investment Office addresses all the investment and financial needs of the Dan Family and was established in 2000. The Canadian businessman, producer and philanthropist Aubrey Dan, whose father, Leslie Dan, founded the generic pharmaceutical manufacturer Novopharm, has an estimated net worth of $1 billion and currently leads the single family office. The investment firm invests in both alternative and traditional asset classes such as private equity, real estate, private debt, hedge funds, and public equities. Even though the Family Office is Canadian-based, its investment portfolio is global, with a primary focus on opportunities in the United States. Dancap will allocate between 15% to 25% of its overall portfolio to Real Estate investments through third party funds, co-investments, and direct investments. Their Real Estate funds focus on many strategies including: Multifamily value-add, Office space, Seniors housing, Developments, Mixed-use, and Hospitality.  A co-investment property, for example, is “The Vibe at Gateway”, a complex of luxurious apartments in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

#3: Thomvest

Peter J. Thomson, a Canadian rally race car driver and venture capitalist, backs Thomvest with his estimated net worth of over $6 billion. Formed in 1996, the investment company is split up into three divisions: Thomvest Ventures, Thomvest Asset Management & Thomvest Properties. Through the last one, Thomson proceeds all his real estate related investment transactions. The real estate fund is based in Dallas and provides flexible terms and investment structures, without the limitations of a finite fund lifespan or numerous limited partners. In 2020, Thomvest Properties began acquiring a portfolio of NNN lease properties and it actively seeks investment opportunities with a purchase price of between $4 million and $15 million per property.

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