Three interesting real estate investments from European single family offices

Three interesting real estate investments from European single family offices

Real estate investments are often represented by single family offices. The goal of many family offices, the holding and increase of wealth, is secured by rather conversational real estate investments. The spectrum of possible investments is diverse – both geographically and in terms of segments. In the following articles three special real estate investments of European single family offices are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 300 most important single family offices with a real estate focus in Europe.

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Bjert Invest A/S with Design City (Kolding)

Bjert Invest A/S, based in Kolding/Bjert, is a Danish single family office of the Martin Jensen family. The A/S is divided into three different business areas: Real estate, business development and capital investments. The investment profile in real estate is focused on residential, industrial and office properties. One of the company’s largest and most well-known projects is the development and construction of a new district in Kolding – Design City. Together with various joint venture partners, a completely new district with a usable area of 90,000 m² is to be created in the coming years. The focus of the project is on sustainability and innovation through design – this should also enable new forms of cooperation. So far, the Design City includes an education centre, an office building, youth accommodation and a tunnel connecting the new university with the rest of the campus. Financial buildings, residential real estate, retail, cultural and leisure activities are planned.

Edizione S.r.l. with Fondaco dei Tedeschi (Venice)

Edizione S.r.l. has a long history: the Treviso-based company was founded in 1981. With an asset value of over EUR 13,000 million, the Benetton family’s asset management invests in many different areas. The three largest sectors are real estate and agriculture (13% of the portfolio), digital infrastructure (19%) and transport infrastructure with 42%. In addition to several large agricultural areas, one investment stands out in particular: the Fondaco die Tedeschi, a cultural asset of Venice, which was originally built as early as 1228. The former branch of “German” merchants (Hungarians, Austrians and Flemings included) was renovated in 2009-2016 with the financing of Edizione and is now used as a department store. A special tourist attraction is the roof terrace from which Venice can be overlooked.

ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. Limited partnership with the KNEE (Berlin)

The ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft has its origins in family owned retail trade. Already in 1864 the first business was founded, which developed and expanded continuously. In 2003, the family withdrew from the retail trade and with the GmbH developed into an important real estate company, initially only in North Rhine-Westphalia. After 2008, the asset management of the Bremke & Hoerster family expanded its investment profile and now focuses on real estate projects in Berlin and the new federal states. One of the latest and best-known real estate investments of the Arnsberg-based company is the 7-storey office building “The KNEE” in the centre of Charlottenburg. The building will be ready for occupancy at the end of 2019. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs) certification is awarded to real estate projects that meet certain sustainability criteria. The KNEE convinced and was awarded LEED Gold certification at the end of 2019.

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