Hettich Single Family Office Invests In New Bioeconomy Venture Capital Fund

Hettich Single Family Office Invests In New Bioeconomy Venture Capital Fund

ECBF Management GmbH, a German venture capital firm, launched Europe’s first “European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF)”. Now, the first €82M financing round of the fund has been realized. Amongst the investors is the Dr. Hettich Beteiligungen GmbH, the single family office of the German Hettich family.

European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF)

ECBF focuses on the European bioeconomy and the circular bioeconomy. The fund was initiated by a team around Michael Brandkamp, Michael Nettersheim and Dirk Saßmannshausen. All General Partners of the new fund were former emplyoees of German VC fund HTGF. Already two investments – in PeelPioneers B.V. and Proloupin GmbH – were made by ECBF. Prolupin is a spin-off from German Frauenhofer Institut that works on lupine-based products. PeelPioneers recycles orange peels to food ingredients.

Investment by Hettich single family office from Herford, Germany

The new European Circular Bioeconomy Fund raised a first round of €82M. Investors are the European Investment Bank, PreZero, Corbion and Dr. Hettich Beteiligungen GmbH. Dr. Hettich Beteiligungen GmbH is the single family office of Dr. Andreas Hettich, the majority shareholder of the Hettich Group, a global leader in furniture fittings. The Hettich family office focues on innovative and sustainable industrial companies.

Source: DGAP
Picture source: Kunal Shinde

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