German 4L Vision Single Family Office Invests In “it’s my data”

German 4L Vision Single Family Office Invests In "it's my data"

it’s my data” is a German startup that enables people to get an overview of all data points about them stored by companies. Now, 4L Vision, the German family office of Ralph Suikat invests a six-digit amount into the privacy startup. Now, the startup has a seven-digit valuation.

The startup from Munich is creating a challenger for German credit report company Schufa

Munich-based “it’s my data” was founded by Michael Giese and Alexander Sieverts in 2017. The company aims to create a national challenger for the German credit report company “Schufa”. The main difference between the startup and Schufa is that “it’s my data” users have full control over their data. So, the startup wants to create data sovereignty for its users. Furthermore, the tool enables users to request privacy-related data from companies. The main service of the Munich startup is a creditworthiness certificate which is often needed when renting out apartments or applying for a loan.

Ralph Suikat’s 4L Vision Family Offices as investor

4l Vision is a German single family office from Karlsruhe that is based on the vision of: “Live, Love, Learn, Leave A Legacy”. The family office is focused on impact investments in various asset classes, from private equity to public equity, real assets, external asset management, etc. Some projects or companies where 4L is engaged are LEA Parnters (VC fund), PMCR (personalized health care and cancer research) or Veganz (vegan foods). Suikat is the founder and former CEO of a German software company.

Picture source: Lukas Blazek
Article Source: deutsche startups

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