The headquarter of Frankfurt-based Oddo-BHF bank – called Oddo-BHF-Tower – changes its owner. The single family office Cara Investment sells the building to a consortium of ABG Real Estate and Merkur Grundvermörgen for an alleged amount of €300M.

Revitalization project planned

Currently, the only tenant of the building is the Oddo BHF bank. The consortium who acquired the building intends to revitalize and developt the building after Oddo BHF’s lease expires in 2024. At the latest, the revitalization project shall be completed in 2027. The Oddo BHF tower is located at the crossing of Bockenheimer Landstraße 10/Oberlindau 2 in Germany’s financial center Frankfurt. After its construction in 1965, the building was the highest in Frankfurt. The total lettable area of the building comprises 8400sqm and 23 stories.

Secretive single family office from Frankfurt

Cara Investment GmbH & Co. KG is a secretive single family office from Frankfurt that owns a significant real estate portfolio in Europe. In July, the family office acquired Waterloo Place in London for $93M. Cara owns many buildings in Frankfurt and is also involved in project developments.

Source: Immobilienmanager, 31.08.2020
Picture Source: Paul Fiedler

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Pfungstädter is a German brewery that got into financial difficulties. Now, the brewery property was sold to the family office of Daniel Hopp, son of SAP founder and billionaire Dietmar Hopp. Hopp plans to realize a residential quarter.

Residential real estate development project on brewery area

Hopp wants to realize the real estate project in cooperation with the development firm Conceptaplan. Previous projects of Concetaplan were larger-scale residential project developments in Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Besides the planned residential buildings, also the brewery operations shall be continued with a partner. The project aims to create a harmonic townscape for Pfungstadt. Pfungstadt is a small town in Hessen, Germany. The city has 20,000 inhabitants and is located near Darmstadt.

Daniel Hopp family office as active real estate investor

The net worth of the Hopp family is estimated at over €18BN – mainly based on SAP, the firm founded by Daniel’s father Dietmar. While Dietmar Hopp is rather active as startup and healthcare investor, Daniel Hopp focuses his investment activities on the real estate sector. Another major project y Daniel Hopp’s family office is the “Henninger Turm” in Frankfurt.

Source: Deal Advisors,30.7.2020
Picture Source: Claude Piché

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it’s my data” is a German startup that enables people to get an overview of all data points about them stored by companies. Now, 4L Vision, the German family office of Ralph Suikat invests a six-digit amount into the privacy startup. Now, the startup has a seven-digit valuation.

The startup from Munich is creating a challenger for German credit report company Schufa

Munich-based “it’s my data” was founded by Michael Giese and Alexander Sieverts in 2017. The company aims to create a national challenger for the German credit report company “Schufa”. The main difference between the startup and Schufa is that “it’s my data” users have full control over their data. So, the startup wants to create data sovereignty for its users. Furthermore, the tool enables users to request privacy-related data from companies. The main service of the Munich startup is a creditworthiness certificate which is often needed when renting out apartments or applying for a loan.

Ralph Suikat’s 4L Vision Family Offices as investor

4l Vision is a German single family office from Karlsruhe that is based on the vision of: “Live, Love, Learn, Leave A Legacy”. The family office is focused on impact investments in various asset classes, from private equity to public equity, real assets, external asset management, etc. Some projects or companies where 4L is engaged are LEA Parnters (VC fund), PMCR (personalized health care and cancer research) or Veganz (vegan foods). Suikat is the founder and former CEO of a German software company.

Picture source: Lukas Blazek
Article Source: deutsche startups

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Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH (DMK) is one of Germany’s largest dairy companies. Now, the Zeven-based firm sold its subsidiary Sanotact GmbH to Flotte Holding GmbH, an investment vehicle of the Piëch-Nordhoff family.

Sanotact: Supplements Producer based in Münster (Germany)

Sanotact was a brand and subsidiary of the DMK Group. DMK is a leading German dairy company with 7,700 employees and more than €5.6BN in revenues. In the future, DMK wants to focus on its dairy products. As a consequence, DMK sold its supplement producer Sanotact GmbH. Sanotact has its headquarters in Münster and employs almost 200 people. The product portfolio consists of three pillars: supplements, dextrose and breath freshener. The purchase price of Sanotact remains undisclosed, the new owner takes over all employees.

New private equity family office of Piëch-Nordhoff family

The Piëch-Nordhoff family belongs to the Porsche family, who owns large parts of the world’s largest car manufacturer Volkswagen. Now, the family builds up a private equity family office through the Flotte Holding GmbH investment vehicle. The holding focuses on sustainable companies.

TopAgrar, 08.04.2020
Michele Blackwell (Picture), 08.04.2020

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The single family office of German billionaire Heinz Herrmann Thiele – Stella Vermögensverwaltung GmbH – has a new chief investment officer. Christoph Schlegel, the former head of pension investments at German industrial company Linde, joins the Munich-based family office. Since 2008, Schlegel served as “Head of Pension Investments” for Linde, managing the risk and investment strategy of a $6BN pension portfolio. Before that, Stella’s new Chief Investment Officer also managed the pensions at Siemens.

Thiele single family office in Munich

Heinz Hermann Thiele, Schlegel’s new employer, is the majority shareholder and former CEO of Knorr-Bremse AG (a leading German firm for automotive and train braking systems). Thiele’s net worth is estimated at $14.1BN. The main position of Thiele’s family office Stella is a 80% share of the KB Holding, which owns 95% of Knorr-Bremse and 50% of Vossloh (another German industrial company). Besides his large share in major German industrial companies, the Stella family office also invests in real estate and other asset classes.

Wikipedia, 24.01.2020
Portfolio Institutionell, 24.01.2020
Stefan Cosma (picture), 24.01.2020

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The Wirtgen single family office is still a quite new player in the German real estate market, but their real estate portfolio grows steadily. Now, the SFO acquired a €400M office tower in Frankfurt.

30,000 square meter office building “T8”

The “T8” is a 68-meter high office building, constructed in 2016 for the real estate investment fund CS Euroreal. “Novotny Mähner Assoziierte” architects planned the building, “msm meyer schmitz-morkramer” further developed the plans.  The building ha an office space of 30,000 sqm. The law firm Linklaters rents a third of the space, other tenants are WeWork and insurance company FM Global. Beforehand, the building was owned by South-Korean financial services company Mirae Asset Global Investments. The Asian firm bought the building in 2017 for €280M.

Wirtgen Invest is becoming one of Germany’s major single family offices

Wirtgen Invest was launched after the sale of the family-owned Wirtgen Group for €4.4B in 2017. In recent years, the SFO is steadily investing in real estate, energy, venture capital and financial markets. Other objects in the Wirtgen real estate portfolio include the “Wallhaus” in Hamburg or the “Bazaar de Cologne” in Cologne.

Juve, 22.09.2019
Picture:, 22.09.2019

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