Australian Single Family Office Owned Firm Launches $20M Impact Fund

australian almagor liberman single family office impact investment fund

WA Super is the leading Australian not-for-profit superannuation fund. Now, the firm announced to team up with the Impact Investment Group in order to launch a $20M Western Australia impact fund. Impact Investment Group is fully owned by “Small Giants“, the Australian single family office of the Almagor and Libermann families.

$20M Impact Investment Fund For Western Australian

The recently launched fund – backed by savings of WA Super members – targets opportunities that achieve commercial returns in combination with environmental and social benefits. Amongst others, the fund will invest in venture capital opportunities through Impact Investment Group’s funds (like Giant Leap and Impact Seed).  The Giant Leap fund invests in three main themes: “empowering people”, “sustainable living” and “health & wellbeing”. Investments are made in the valuation range from $2-20M, initial ticket sizes are between $100-500K. Impact Investment Group also invests in real estate and renewable energy. While for now the fund is closed for external investors besides WA Super, it is planned to open the fund for third-party investors in the future.

Impact Investment Group – owned by Australian Almagor and Liberman single family office

Impact Investment Group was launched in 2013. The first investment was a $5.25M real estate object (Quiksilver Flagship Store in Byron Bay). Today, the firm has almost $680M assets under management, employs 30 people and has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. With every investment, the fund aims to make a positive impact by funding renewable projects, green buildings and startups with a societal mission. Impact Investment Group is 100% owned by Small Giants, the single family office of Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman. Small Giants was founded in 2007. Small Giants is also actively investing in impact investment opportunities, amongst others Adama Capital or Social Ventures Australia.

Dan Freeman, 28.10.2019
Financial Standard, 28.10.2019

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