List of the 100 largest Hedge Fund Single Family Offices [2024]

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This list includes 123 single family offices from our global single family office database that mention hedge fund investment keywords on their website. Many family offices thereof are actively investing in hedge funds.

The list includes contact details, investment details, portfolio companies, executives and background information (to the extent of public availability and/or disclosure by the family offices). The list was last updated on January 23rd, 2024.

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List of 3 large hedge fund investor single family offices

Hedge funds are often promising a high risk / high return profile, and are hence an attractive investment opportunity for many single family offices. We have analyzed the websites of the 1,700 largest global single family offices for hedge fund keywords and can thereby present a unique overview of the most important hedge fund investor family offices. In the following, we are introducing you to three entries from our list.

1. Kedge Capital (Jersey, UK)

Kedge Capital was launched in 2002 by the billionaire Bertarelli family. It is actively investing in hedge funds and private equity through blue chip managers. The family office divides its investment focus in four different “risk buckets”, ranging from multi-strategy and event-driven approaches to global equity, global trading and long-term funds. Target hedge funds are exhibiting a strong risk management profile.

2. Post Road Capital Management (United States)

Post Road is the single family office of David Eigen. The firm was established in 1999 and manages the majority of net worth of the owner’s family. The family office invests in hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and pursues direct investments in real estate and technology and consumer product firms. Besides, the founder of the single family office also manages a healthcare venture capital firm called P5 Health Ventures.

3. H14 S.p.A. (Milan, Italy)

The well-known Italian Berlusconi family is managing its wealth through the H14 single family office. Geographically, the family office pursues investments in North America, Europe and in some cases also in Emerging Markets. The Berlusconi family office is also an active hedge fund investor.

Based on our keyword crawler

We have built the list with the help of our keyword crawler tool that screens the website of the family offices for target keywords. In the following, we show a general overview of our crawling process, as well as statistics about the respective keywords. We have crawler the family office websites for the keywords:

  • hedge funds
  • hedge fund
  • hedgefonds
  • hedgefund
  • hedgefunds
  • fonds de couverture
  • fondo de cobertura

The most often found keyword was “hedge funds” with over 1,000 occurrences, followed by “hedge fund”.


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