Single Family Office from Melbourne finances $500M Real Estate Project

Single Family Office from Melbourne finances $500M Real Estate Project

A major revitalisation real estate project will take place in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The mixed-use Mernda Town Centre will be developed by Occasio Projects. One major financer of the project is the Melbourne-based single family office of Bryan Dorman.

Mernda Town Centre revitalisation

Occasio Projects, a property investment firm led by Ray Zelouf, acquired the mixed-use town centre from Woolworths. The shopping centre revitalisation will cost around $110M and should create around 300 construction jobs. The opening is planned in the middle of 2022. It is planned to errect a shopping mall with 35 shops, a Woolworths supermarket as anchor tennant and also residential, health care and entertainment businesses. The first stage of the project has already commenced.

Melbourne Single Family Office: Dorman Capital

The project is financially backed by the three shareholders of Occasio: Ray Zelouf, Dorman Capital and Jensz Investment Company. Dorman capital is the single family office of Bryan Dorman, the founder of Regis Healthcare. Regis Healthcare is one of Australia’s largest developers, owners and operators of elderly age facilities, which was founded in 1992. The Dorman Capital single family office invests in a wide range of fields, amongst others properties, businesses and listed securities. The family office also finances the Dorman Family Foundation.

Source: Global Legal Chronicle, 01.09.2021
Picture Source: Denise Jans

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